Wednesday, March 28, 2007

Forget war on Terror there are bigger fish to fry!

Finally! the legendary rivalry will be put to rest, not due to a collective agreement, or respect, or the death and therefore submission of one party (though some will argue that one side of this epic war has been dead since his first 3d incarnations). The rabid fanboyism in all of us will soon make a glorious return* as Mario and Sonic face off in a battle royal!**

The Olympics! Thats right after years of training and Mario has finally broken into the world of Olympic athletics. Sonic? Well he's sort of like the Ethiopian who happened to run past an Olympic coach, whom then realized he was indeed, very fast.

The two will compete exclusively on the Wii. If you thought you looked stupid playing Wii boxing, wait until they make you Wii swim***

*Not talking about neo-fanboyism which is a watered down pissing contest, I'm talking about some good old fashion Nintendo v. Sega fanboyism.

**by battle royal, I basically mean- anything but...Sonic in SSBB confirmed?

***not confirmed, but fun to think about.

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