Thursday, March 29, 2007

Resident Evil: Umbrella Chronicles unveiled! well, not really...

It seems that everytime I talk about this game they release some sort of information about it. I should probably start talking about it more often.

Capcom announced that the game will indeed take advantage of the Wii's widescreen ability and also play in 480p. This may have been expected by most of you, but there's more!

They have confirmed that the game will take place between Code Veronica and RE:4 . That said the rumoured, 'REmake portions' are also confirmed. The game will essentially have two play modes. One in which you uncover plot bridging the two games, and another that throws you, once again, into classic RE settings with completely revamped controls, and obviously graphics.

The team working on the game are those responsible for the PS2 port of RE:4. Many speculate that the game will atleast be touched upon at Capcoms upcoming 'Gamers Day'.

thanks Matt

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