Thursday, February 8, 2007

Info on NIN, tool and God of War 2

info info info! ok here it goes

a reminder for all Nine Inch Nail fans that Beside You In Time (halo22), the new live in concert video is comming out on febuary 27th 2007. comes out on 3 formats dvd, hd-dvd, and blue-ray. i guess you found something worth while to play on your PS3! it is one of the shows from a "with teeth" tour last year. i cant wait to get my hands on it!
ALSO! a new NIN album comes out on April 17th 2007. its called Year Zero, and i know its out of the ordinary to see an album out so soon. but its right around the corner.
they should be starting to tour in north america in april or so. so watch for them there fuckin amazing live!
Tool fans! watch for them comming back to North American again in march or april. shitty time for University students cause of exams! there solid live aswell! fuckin riot!
god of war 2. the last greatest ps2 game comes out march 16th. oh yes! one of my favourity ps2 games of all time, crack out the first one and sharpin ur button mashing skills and get ready for gore gore and more tits!

thats about all for info shit. keep up the good work anthony! doxophobia 4 is on the way!

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Gasman17 said...

that was a sick concert we went too Pascuzz.....good times indeed.