Saturday, February 17, 2007

Spider-Man 3 Game Trailer in 'HD'

So after seeing this game in motion with the absence of that god awful youTube compression I have to say it looks good, but not great. Spidey is a bit toyish, very shiny plastic sort of look, and the animation is a bit disappointing. Of course I still think it looks good, the in game cutscenes (car jumping) look great! but I can't help but notice that some animation transitions are a bit jumpy. Mind you there is probably a lot of development to be done still.

As a man who was dangerously obsessed with Spider-man for a good portion of his high school career I can say that I'll play anything with 'Spider-Man' in the title, but I'm not blind to faults. The game will be a blast despite what it looks like - hey thats why I have a Wii after all.

I'm picky.

It'll be a great game I just hope they fix up the character model a bit, even explosions...Red Steel had better explosions than this... anyways, I'm rambling.

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