Wednesday, February 28, 2007

NIN- Beside you in time review

hello hello, what can i say yesterday i went out an bought beside you in time (the new Nine Inch Nails live dvd) and watched it as soon as I got home from school. the article might be bias because i am a fan but I will try my best. The sound quality on the DVD is great, ive seen there first live dvd (all that could have been) and the sound is comparable to that. Trent Reznors group he has are a little more crazier than his previous group members so that makes for an entertaining show. If you have ever seen NIN live and you enjoyed them, pick this up! if your a NIN fan, no dought you already have it and watched it already. but for people who are just getting into NIN, who havent herd much stuff i would say go and listen to some more of there music, the old stuff, the new, and if you really liked the with teeth album than i would siggest you buy this DVD because pretty much the whole with teeth cd is on here. It sounds better live!
its also out on HD-DVD, and Blu-Ray, both which formats i havent seen so i cant tell you how it looks in HighDef. All and All the NIN Beside you in time is great! im glad i purchased it ($14.99 CAD) and i was not dissipointed, i knew what i was going to get and i got it! no more no less.

PS: new NIN album comes out april 14th called Year Zero, a couple songs have leeked: survivalism, my violent heart, me im not, and in this twilight.
it sounds awsome!

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