Wednesday, July 25, 2007

Hidden Messages in Metroid Prime 3

I was watching some e3 videos over at IGN this morning and, being Canadian, spotted some French during a simulated boot sequence (along with 'Wii Format' . I quickly ran it through's translator and found some interesting results.

"Vous Mourez si votre" means 'You die if your'

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I have no idea why there is a huge gap here...

Needless to say this piqued my interest so I further investigated...I found some text that seemed to be German, so I ran that through the translator.

"andrayda hat sich die Gestalt" means ' andrayda the shape has itself'

I split up "andrayda" into "an dray da" which, in german, gave me 'in dray there'

"in dray there the shape has itself"

"You die if your in dray there the shape has itself"


According to

1. a low, strong cart without fixed sides, for carrying heavy loads.
2. a sledge or sled.
3. any vehicle, as a truck, used to haul goods, esp. one used to carry heavy loads.
–verb (used with object)
4. to convey on a dray.
–verb (used without object)
5. to drive or operate a dray, esp. as an occupation.
6. to convey goods by dray, esp. locally or for short distances.

In all other languages available in the translator dray brings out nothing. So are they talking about a sideless cart, or is there a character named andrayda?

I came across another seemingly German word near the top of the sequence: kämpfen, translated?

"kämpfen" means 'to fight'

So, in order.

To fight

You die if your

In dray there the shape has itself (or andrayda the shape has itself)

I was getting annoyed with the IGN video because it wouldn't let me pause a precise times, so I captured it as a .mov and further analyzed. I was able to go frame by frame and see more of the message. I found another word, moriaiiiii.....i that I recognized from Italian class.

"morir ai" means ' to die to I'

After watching the whole video through again it becomes obvious that this is her ship analyzing her dream: "Neurological readings indicate"

After this sequence we are brought into her dream where a bunch of phazon containers(presumably) explode, the last of which reveals Dark Samus emerging, fully charged. Samus then wakes up in her ship, from the nightmare.

I think it's time we took a look at the numbers here. Being a graphic designer (who is actually siting at work right now...) I began playing with the numbers as colours.

Following 'to fight' is 000DBB - brings up a dark blue similar to 'this one'. Could it represent Dark Samus? Fight Dark Samus? Seems perfectly logical to me...

The next sequence of numbers is 9A723E, revealing an organge-brown not unlike that of Samus' Varia suit. So a fight between the two? Or perhaps within herself? The theme is Corruption after all.

9FF19B is a minty green which, to me means nothing - I'll stop bothering with this line of numbers for now.

There are a lot of #'s that frame the word DANGER, followed by 'overrun'- Seems like a struggle to me, especially since it's followed by 'You die if your' which is followed by a series of numbers as well. 9FF19B reveals a bright purple in Adobe illustrator. Purple played a huge role in MP2:Echoes. It was basically a monochromatic colour scheme for the entire dark side of Aether, in which the very atmosphere hurt you. So maybe this reveals part of the message?

'You die if your Purple?' fully corrupted? We do know this is a game mechanic but the phazon is usually blue. The next 6 numbers bring up gray, no meaning to me. Stop.

Alright well, I'm getting a bit tired of all this number business and so I think I'm going to work on Andrayda again, Latin seems to be the only reasonable language, or maybe Greek.
I tried Latin and get nothing again so I broke it up and:

"Andray da" means 'corridor a'

This doesn't work. Despite it being a game that relies heavily on corridors the sentence just wouldn't make sense...

more on this later

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Anonymous said...

If you look at the sequence of hex numbers at the very bottom, you get "wahe up." in ASCII characters. Not sure why it's an H instead of a K.