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Nintendo Press Conferece - LIVE

Kotaku has a live feed up right now and I'm jacked in. The guys are just getting in now (11:37am) and the event is set to start at in a half our. Happy music in there... 3 huge screens span the stage, giant NINTENDO Logo projected across all three, really wish I was there...

Hit up the jump for the rest of the show!


montage showing all positive press News, Colbert Report, South Park, Talk shows, high lights DS and Wii. Showing lots of homebrew stuff, cool.
Lots of web vids, nice sense of community coming through. Awesome music too wow.


Reggie's happy, he said so.

Celebration for all- this e3 is a turning point for game industry. Coming out party of the industry, finally clear that games will be seen alongside tv, movies and music as an entertainment staple. Everybody is a gamer.

Lots of stats about industry growth...up 114% in Japan...whoa.

Reggie says this is due to the 'expanded market' thanks to DS and Wii.

69% of ALL industry growth comes from Nintendo products.

portable play v. console play = 50/50 in 06
DS accounts for a quarter of ALL hardware sales in the US

reaching older gamers
numbers show unprecedented growth for Nintendo

reaching female gamers
Nintendo brings in 33% women
industry = 20% women

95% gamers are 6-24yr old males
65% of 29-43 yr old people play wii regularly
1 in 8 senior citizens play regularly

many firsts in game history.

DS reaches 40million months ago world
Wii sold out for all 33 weeks of its life

Wii poised to become #1 worldwide very soon. Nintendo NOT a fad Nintendo IS the future.

60 american games in wii catelog
over 300 for DS

another 140 + 100 for Wii by the end of 08.

14 of the top 20 wii games from 3rd parties. 3rd party sales more than half unit volume.


Highlighting community/fan videos showcasing a worldwide love of nintendo and dedication of their fans. Nintendo shortcuts videos shown (clips)

Wii Fanboy shown

among other blogs...

looks so intense. one of those model commercials.

RE: Umbrella Chronicles playable this week using the Zapper shell!

Capcom not alone. SEGA bringing Ghost Squad to Wii, shows gameplay.

Another Medal of Honour game using the zapper? 30 player Multiplayer?!??

Wii zapper game being made within Nintendo...
Zapper with game for 19.99!!!!!

like swords??? Soul Calibur Legends shown- meh...

Wrestling game being shown, double meh.

Ninja Gaiden DS shown, brand new stylus gameplay

are you deep? Try square enix!
Dragon Quest Swords shown shortly

4 player multiplayer, sweer trailers, Mario keeps up with Sonic pretty well. Must be all the carbs....


Reggie talks about the sites updates, giga bowser, controls.

DATE - December 3rd 2007!

best smash bros ever- BY FAR!

another Video. people speak about their 'hardcore view' on games DS = cell phone, must have at all times.

say Wiisports made them realize the Wii's potential

talking about Metroid and Zelda love.

Their on stage to play new games! Bill Trinen is back! love this guy.

PHANTOM HOURGLASS - all touch mean trimmed down experience? NO!

guy takes notes on his map with ds touch screen. Touch control revolutionizes items like grapplehook, some really great possibilities. Make tight ropes, beat on enemies, grab items, swing. Wow....

graphics are really impressive. Bill says LoZ:PH is his favorite Zelda ever. Says Japan agrees- best selling Zelda (JPN) in a while.

Hardcore and casual gamers both love it.


game looks nice, battle sequence...

Lock on free aiming.

Lock on = orbit point, shoot anywhere while circle strifing.

Hyper mode;
too long and you get corrupted, balance ultimate power with ultimate price.

Graphics are hard to tell, doesn't look too much better than prime 2 from what was shown.

12:30 mark

Online? We're serious

Video showcasing DS chat, Mario Kart, Web Browsing, Wii channels.

MapMii? Shows Wii owners on a map? Not sure if this is new channel.

5.5 million using NinWi-Fi service, none have paid.

VC= 5.6 million downloads
112 games already


unique downloadable content


Check Mii out channel
post Mii's other users can vote on it...

let down...

sure but will nintendo get serious about online play? talks about Pokemon (online and DS connectivity, bleh)

Talks about Mario Strickers Charged,

want more? EA's titles come online, Madden 08, FIFA 08 The experience will not be dumbed down for the Wii, exclusive Mii modes

Squares Dragon Quest Monsters Jokers - online.
Activisions Guitar Hero III online, exclusive wireless controller?

new announcement;


grahics are pretty nice, very smooth. More racers, more fun? Stay tuned....

Variety of control choices: Wii Wheel shown, lame peripheral?

Comes with MKWii

expanded audience video:
retirements homes shown, elderly talking about how much they like Wii and DS. CheapyD!

Kotaku shown!


now I have to stare at Summa's ugly mug...

okay, the video started over from the beginning of the conference but I've skipped ahead and the expanded audience video is playing again, fingers crossed...

cheapyD again...
Kotaku again...
Summa again - STOPPED!

OKAY - Kotakus feed is running, quality is hurtin though and no nice multi angle...

Iwata is talking... casual gamers again...

Best game design is open to all skill levels. Miyamoto is coming out to show off a new title. Don't know if it's the feed or Iwata thats making it hard to understand...

There is video lag, audio continues on...Fixed! This guy is missing alot their showcasing Mario Galaxy but I can't see ANYTHING!,

people talk about games Brain Age 2.

Reggie talks about it now. New games/challenges, says it's really hard to purposely loose at Rock Paper Siccors Aug 20 date

Mario Galaxy!!

says its the first worthy successor to Mario 64.

Running upside down.

I think something is seriously wrong with this video, I can hear but the video is WAY behind

NOVEMBER 12 date for galaxy???

Nintendogs, brain games, wii sports help expand.

Nintendo Just getting started with these types of games

Puzzle games..EA' s MySIMS

uh...I think the internet just broke...

clearly way too many people watching, the show must be coming to a close soon, we're hitting 1:00

I'm still left without any video- trying gamespot now.

OKAY Kotaku just came up again, sound only though, I guess it was another video. Introduces WiiFit

a health game? I can't see anything so....

Some technoesque music and whistleblows, music seems to be affected by performance as it sounds to be changing dynamically.

1UP FEED IS BACK! WiiFit comes with a FOOT PAD!!! looks like some really impressive hardware actually... playing a monkeyball style game with your feet!?

Miyamoto is taking stage,

"Have you all been getting your sweat on lately?"

Felt that Health must be included in the Wii library inorder to appeal to the family and mass market.

The pad can read your balance and actually measures how balanced you are while stretching inorder to grade you..

Step aerobics showcased. Sort of like DDR...for old people...
Seems to be getting faster, could be fun...

Twists, again shows you how balanced you are, to make sure you are doing the exercise efficiently. They really went all out here.

OVER 40 activities!

Hes talking about the pad. er - The 'Wii Balance board' It measures your weight, your balance shift, will also be used with later games to interact with not only your hands but also your feet- quite awesome. Wireless like the Wii remote, no need to attach.


oh...they mean their going to check his body...

jokes all around about Reggies weight and such, pretty funny banter.

Wii is measuring him...

shows a shift in his balance.

Creates charts like Wii sports and you can track your progress for months and compare with your family and friends...This may actually be incredibly usefull.

Weird feeling to be sold on something after rolling your eyes at the announcement not more than 10 minutes ago.

Mii integration is pretty funny. It measures your BMI and Mii will grow.

Reggie says muscle is heavier than Fat, Miyamoto says 'nice excuses'

both of them are competing in a 'soccer header competition' You lean to make your Mii hit the ball, pretty wild!

You have to avoid things like panda head and cleats! crowd laughs.

REGGIE WINS! OLE OLE OLE (music plays, not my idea)

Reggie's closing statements

Nintendo's moment to lead:

Market shares increasing is secondary goal
Primary goal is to steal your leisure time for games, stop you from consuming entertainment, want you in the game, future belongs to all of us.

We won't just be happy, we will be satisfied.


Pretty exciting, some really odd surprises, can't wait or the hands on stuff...

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