Thursday, July 5, 2007


Remember the last turok that came out on ps2 and xbox and GC, and do you remember how much it sucked! well the latest edition in the man vs. dinosaur franchise is now commin to ps3 and xbox360. And it looks great! powered by unreal 3 engine and hey! you got a knife! the executions look aw some, damn maybe mgs4 and rez5 will have something like that. Hit the jump to see 2 gameplay videos from

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Perri said...

I think the coolest I saw here is that when he got knocked down from the explosion you see his feet kick up. Other than that pretty generic looking. The stabbing with the joystick is alright but those other scripted stabs just seem to be done by a simple button press. Meh, more of the same and none of the sweet weapons from N64 :(