Thursday, May 3, 2007

DOXOFeature: Sony! Slaughtered goat! WTF!?

I heard about this yesterday via my friend Anthony and then reading articles on Kotaku. My title pretty much sums up my reaction in three words. I don’t understand why in the hell they would have a dead goat at this Playstation God Of War promotion, journalist party. The fact that there was a dead goat there is actually very interesting. It also pisses me off that Sony is getting ripped apart by this particular event! Ok ok before you jump to conclusions about my personal opinion on the situation, you’ll have to read on…
To say the least you have to watch what you read in the tabloids and on the Internet, don’t trust the media fully; this event is a great example of that. The British press have always been vicious and tell very extravagant and exaggerated stories. Not to say that North American press is perfect and truthful, cause its not! As described by a British newspaper “SLAUGHTER!: Horror at Sony’s deprived stunt to promote Playstation with decapitated goat!” well if I don’t say so myself it sounds like Sony unveiled this goat and hundreds of people were in shock and horror, oh yes! And there’s also a man dressed up as a cave man with blood splattered all over his shirt, to add to the flavour of a deranged transnational corporation gone “off the wagon”. Not only that! people were eating out of the carcass, and they ripped out the goats intestines and use them for a soup! A FUCKIN SOUP! Who the fuck would eat that! Even better Sony tried to shut up the Official Playstation Magazine (OPM) by stopping them from publishing an article that ridiculed the event and the article also came with pictures of the dead goat. Well well it sounds like Sony has got a lot of explaining to do wouldn’t you say so! Some people from the SCEE lost some screws or are just promoting hate to animals, those WWF people just love shit like this.

Now we “know” the gruesome details that press provided for the public, what does sony have to say? In all honesty, in a situation such as this, I would believe a corporation over the press who wants to show only how sick the world can be so the readers can be glad they live in a “normal” environment. The press is looking to get the sales that’s all, they do not care who they fuck over they just want money. Like a bunch of vultures ripping away a carcass of disturbing or sad news. NOW! In saying this, there are many kinds of press I am condemning only those companies who use there journalists to exaggerate stories in order for the sole purpose of money! But! Our capitalists system would not be complete without it. There are journalists out there who do an outstanding job and I truly respect what they do. It takes balls to go out to unstable countries and report on current events there, but that’s a whole different ball game and I don’t want to get sidetracked.
Sony’s response to these wild accusations was released a couple days later after finding out all the crap they was wrote about them. First off, they said, there was no British press there at this event, so how in the fuck could a British tabloid have top-knoch info on this event. What the fuck, its like they play telephone or something “Sony had promotion for god of war, dead goat”….”Sony had a promotion for god of war, dead goat, decapitated head” “Sony had a promotion for god of war, dead goat, decapitated head, practicing of cannibalism” the fact is, it gets a little ridiculous. Sony also said that there was no people eating out of the goat, and yes! There was soup. It was made out the goat’s intestines, for people who think organ meat is inedible you are wrong! Organ meat is actually very good for you and is considered a delicacy in much of European cooking. It my seem weird to us cause we live in North America but there are other cultures besides ours and not all of them are fucked up, I don’t know why we feel we have some superiority over other nations but whatever, ill leave that to the governments and there nukes. Another thing! The goat was purchased at a local butcher and was returned after the event was done. The famous animal lover group PETA (yes, the one that Pamela Anderson is a member of) wrote this about the event “when a company of Sony's stature goes out of its way to commit an act of senseless violence for a promotion, you have to start questioning whether they have any concern at all about the message they're sending to fans” (Kotaku Article). I wouldn’t call this event senseless act of violence, they didn’t kill the goat in front of people it had the majority of it head cut off but they were not promoting violence, the goat was there, like a display. And for all the people who believe that’s absolutely sick for me to say that the goat was nothing more of a display for people to consume there eyes, go to a grocery store and look at the meat counter, it’s the same fuckin thing! The meat is on display, and at one point those little chops where part of a whole goat, the goat was just cut apart by a saw and knives so its easier for the consumer. The goat was on display in order to make sales in a grocery store, and it was on display at the god of war promotion, to make sales. If you find that sick than perhaps you better call up your local butcher and start bitching at him for making you indulge in “senseless slaughter” and while your at it, starting eating vegetables.

Now! Some of my thoughts on the situation even though I’ve shared many ideas with you since the article began long long ago. I don’t know why in the hell that dead goat was there! I don’t know what Sony was thinking and at a moment such as this where your 3rd for console sales….I don’t think it was THE BEST idea you could have. I hope to god there was a good reason for that goat being there. I didn’t read the article sent out by Sony but I’m sure if you look on the web somewhere you’ll find it! This doesn’t change my views on Sony, I really don’t think this was a big deal, but that’s my own opinion and like other people I have the freedom to express it.

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