Monday, May 28, 2007

PS3 dies as MGS4 makes it's way to the 360, wii?

Pascuzzi try to be strong. Destructoid is reporting that Konami will be bringing the PS3's biggest exclusive to the 360, but also might be planning a Metal Gear game for Wii. Could my dream game: Raiden as Ninja on Wii, actually be coming? they'd be smart if it did. Hit the link, I'm pretty sure Ron Workman (writter of the original post) Works at microsoft (gaming division) so his seems pretty reliable, but no major news outlets are covering it. We'll probably have to wait for e3 to learn anything factual, that is if Kojima doesn't outright deny this tomorrow morning. Sorry if I scared you Pascuzzi, but would you really be surprised?


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hahahah sucker! Looks like 360 wins again