Wednesday, May 9, 2007

Soul Calibur: Legends CONFIRMED!

Matt Cassamassina has become somewhat of a goldmine for Nintendo faithfuls. He seems to bleed exclusive information. In fact, this isn't the first time one of his scabs have led to mass speculation. During a podcast he mentioned the development of an adventure game coming to Wii that would be based off a popular Gamecube fighter. Many thought a new Soul Calibur was in the works - they were right.

This is really exciting news, I'm a huge fan of Soul Calibur (well, the second one anyways) and I think the characters, story, and engine will work wonders in a fleshed out adventure games. Lets just hope it isn't a series of minigames, of course, I've predicted that before...

Hit up Kotaku for the original story and shots of the Famitsu scan that melted many-a-heart.