Tuesday, May 22, 2007

Smash Bros. Site goes live, reveals little.

After an anti-climactic countdown reached '0' (and some would say -1) the site went live, but only a portion of it is running. There are a few new screenshots, and some interesting musical information. Hit the jump for more of my almost baseless speculation...

When coming onto the site you'll notice that there are many links that are not available to us yet. I would assume that Nintendo will be blowing the lid off of Brawl (as well as Metroid 3) today and that the site will be filled in soon. Interestingly if you look at the 'how to play' link the graphic they chose to use was a Wii remote on its side. Now they had said that the game was going to use gamecube/classic controllers. I never really thought Nintendo would let them do this, considering they want to push their own innovations. So could we be playing Smash Bros. with the remote in classic position? Could be, but I hope not.

Another thing I wasn't too excited about, but many may find interesting is the composer list they put up. It's an impressive list, thats for sure:

Akihiro Honda
(Konami Digital Entertainment Co., Ltd.)
Metal Gear Solid 4
Guns Of The Patriots /
Metal Gear Solid Portable OPS
Arata Iiyoshi Pokémon Mystery Dungeon /
beatmania II DX
Asuka Ohta (Nintendo) New Super Mario Bros. /
Yoshi Touch&Go
Hajime Wakai (Nintendo) Pikmin series / Star Fox series
Jun Fukuda
(grasshopper manufacture inc.)
killer7 / contact
Kazumi Totaka (Nintendo) Animal Crossing series /
Yoshi series
Keigo Ozaki
(GAME ARTS Co.,Ltd.)
Kenichi Okuma Melty Lancer series /
Welcome to Pia Carrot!! 3
Kenji Ito ROMANCING SAGA series /
Kenji Yamamoto (Nintendo) Super Metroid /
Metroid Prime series
Kentaro Ishizaka
(HAL Laboratory, Inc.)
Koji Hayama Cho Aniki / Ape Escape 2
Koji Kondo (Nintendo) Super Mario Bros. series /
The Legend of Zelda series
Masaaki Iwasaki MOTHER3 / Chelnov (Genesis)
Masafumi Takada
(grasshopper manufacture inc.)
killer7 / GOD HAND
Masato Kouda Monster Hunter / Devil May Cry
Michiko Naruke Wild Arms series
Minako Hamano (Nintendo) Metroid Fusion
Motoi Sakuraba Golden Sun series /
Mario Golf & Tennis series
Noriyuki Iwadare GRANDIA series
Ryoji Yoshitomi (Nintendo) WarioWare, Inc. : Mega Microgame$!
Seiji Momoi METEOS / The Glory of Hercules III - The Silence of Gods
Shogo Sakai
(HAL Laboratory, Inc.)
Super Smash Bros. Melee /
Shota Kageyama Luminous Arc
Takahiro Nishi
(GAME ARTS Co.,Ltd.)
GRANDIA series /
Toru Minegishi (Nintendo) The Legend of Zelda: Twilight Princess
Toshiyuki Sudo (Nintendo) Everybody Votes Channel
Tsukasa Masuko Star Force / Magical Starsign
Yasufumi Fukuda Kamaitachi no Yoru 2
Yasunori Mitsuda
Yoko Shimomura Kingdom Hearts series
Yuka Tsujiyoko Fire Emblem series
Yusuke Takahama
Digital Pinball series
Yutaka Iraha
(GAME ARTS Co.,Ltd.)
Yuzo Koshiro (ANCIENT) ActRaiser / Street of Rage

What I DO find interesting though is the possible teasers within the list here. It's obvious that Akihiro Honda who worked on MGS4 is working on the music that surrounds Snake. Probably his theme as well as the music for the Metal Gear themed levels. Now, take a look at that list- there are a ton of well known series being covered. Anybody see anything that could mean new characters? I've read that Yuzo Koshiro did the original Sonic music (not sure why they wouldn't include that here) so could it be that Sonic IS making an appearance?

The Composer for 'Chrono Trigger' is listed. Do I think Crono will be in the game? no. Do I wish that he was? yes. Also note that the 'Fire Emblem' composer is listed and so maybe Marth and whats his name do come back. NiGHTs is on the list, hope he isn't in the game though. I don't want this to turn into a total advertisement (NiGHTS never appeared on a Nintendo console until now, with Wii) Also some of Grasshoppers composers, could Viewtiful Joe be making an appearance? That could be pretty cool but do all these relatively new characters belong with the classic Nintendo characters?

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