Friday, May 18, 2007

Metal Gear Solid 4 on PS3

The BIG question (an understatment) is "will mgs4 be souly exclusive to ps3" and the answer as of right now appears to be YES! On the podcast found at the Kojima Productions Website which is also the offical site for Metal Gear Solid, Ryan Payton confirmed that MGS4 is being made for PS3 hardware not for 360. Keeping in mind....

It is also up to Konami on which console they choose to put it on. This is very good news for Sony and for MGS fans such as myself who can only play MGS on a playstation console. MGS 4 is being made to fit on a blue-ray disc, in which case hopefully the cutscenes, and the cinematic experience that MGS is known for will be better than they have ever been on previous generations. But what Kojima has always done, i should say not done, is use pre-rendered cutscenes. Kojima always used in game graphics for cut scenes, maybe cause of disc space, i dont really know, but will pre-rendered cutscenes exsist in this gen? I mean the graphics are only going to get better, and there already really good. Well see Solid Snake on the PS3 eather later this year or if the game gets delayed for some reason, next year. onestly i dont really care when it comes out, i just want this to be the best metal gear solid that i have ever played, because this is the last one directed by Hideo Kojima.

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Perri said...

use spell check! grr

Pizzle said...

That's alright, we still took your precious Devil May Cry 4, it won't be long until they announce that MGS4 is going to 360! Muahahaha