Thursday, May 10, 2007

SEGA's Gamers Day unleashes Wii goodness, amongst other things. UPDATED

Rather long title no? Anyways, lets jump right into it. Kotaku is live blogging the event and there were a few announcements regarding Sega's upcoming titles like the Marvel IPs they have acquired (Iron Man, and Hulk) as well as a shooter and RPG for the PC, and a sequel to some 360 game. However what most people seem to be excited for (which Matt Cassamassina alluded too in IGNs latest 'wii-k in review') is a new FPS for the Wii which apparently uses a light gun? I'm hoping they mean Wii remote but...I don't know. The game is called 'Ghost Squad' which sounds like a pretty lame name if you ask me. It will be playable at the event and if we don't hear more about the title today, look forward to their hands on impressions tomorrow.

My two cents? If it uses a light gun now, by release it will use the wii remote with a gun peripheral.

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IGN pulled through with some more details. Apparently the game is based of an older(2005) Arcade game of the same name. The game WILL use the Wii remote of course, and the graphics are pretty clean (though not 'next gen' looking). The game promises to have loads of hidden content and a wide array of weapons. It supports up to four players at once as well, which is a definite plus.

With the wake of Umbrella Chronicles and now Ghost Squad, is the 'on-rails shooter' going to be the new 'mini-game compilation' for the Wii? Step up if you ask me, but we aren't quite out of this 'gimmick phase' just yet.

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