Saturday, May 12, 2007

God of War: Chains of Olympus

1 published a 6 page god of war: chains of olympus preview, which includes some very nice screen shots. And if i do add, they look better than most WII games, not ports, as of to date. keeping in mind this is a PSP game, and its not goin to be on ps2. GOW:COO is a prequal to the first two games so well get to see how Kratos was being used by the gods like a puppet, and his eventual rebellious actions towards Mount Olympus! YUMMMIE!

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Perri said...

1. That game DOES look good, lets not get ahead of ourselves tho, it's no Gamecube game.

2. The Wii games looking so bad is not the fault of the wii but rather some very lazy - and french - developers.

3. Good day flame baiter, I say good day.