Wednesday, June 27, 2007

Big Japanese Devs shift focus to Nintendo hardware

It would seem that Old dogs can learn new tricks and everybody is jumping on board. The once ruler of the video game market (though always remaining the most profitable) is making a startling comeback as it's new formula proves innovation is key. Nintendo's glossy white warriors have been dominating the charts everywhere since launch. In Japan the Wii is selling out the PS3 3 to 1, while in North America that number is slightly less impressive at 2 to 1 - ya, thats still huge. Don't take my word for it though, Variety Asia entertainment is reporting that major Japanese developers are focusing on Wii and DS.

Hit the jump for a quote containing some surprising numbers.

Namco Bandai will up its Nintendo titles by 109% to 115; Sega by 96% to 49; and Capcom by 5% to 20. Meanwhile, the three majors intend to cut shipments of titles for Sony machines by 30%-40%.

Shipments of Nintendo titles will total 26.88 million units in fiscal 2007 vs. 23.29 million units of Sony game software. Capcom alone will boost its Nintendo shipments 81% to 4.7 million units.
hurts to be Sony, especially considering that Nintendo is catching up with them in overall worth aswell. Not bad for a 'games only' company.

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