Thursday, June 7, 2007

RUMORphobia: Xbox 360

There's been tons of rumors regarding many things, release dates, new games and more PS3 "exclusives" coming to the 360. Well, with E3 just around the corner and E for All coming up in the next couple months. It's only feasible to start these rumors around this time. Hopefully E3 will uncover some of these rumors.
Also, we have some announcements about some upcoming titles for your 360!

First up we have rumors of a delay in Rockstar's new GTA game. Rumors state that Grand Theft Auto 4, will be delayed not for an unfinished game, but from a sales stand point. With the Halo 3 coming out sooner then anticipated, analysts says it would not only be a smart move for Rockstar, but also for Microsoft. Since both games will be obvious big sellers, it'd probably be in everyone's best interest to release GTA4, not so soon after Halo 3 debuts. Keep in mind though, it shouldn't be delayed past the '07 year.

Alright so with big sales when it first came out Tomb Raider Legend was a huge success. It gave the Tomb Raider series a good name again with a fresh game. Now, with the Tomb Raider Anniversary Edition out for the PS2, PSP and eventually the Wii. Many are left wondering, why no copy for the 360? Well, this isn't the case anymore as the ESRB database shows 5 ratings for Tomb Raider: Anniversary Edition [Picture here]; Tomb Raider: Anniversary Peru, Tomb Raider: Anniversary Lost City, Tomb Raider: Anniversary Greece, Tomb Raider: Anniversary Egypt and finally Tomb Raider Anniversary: Croft Manor. So, is it possible that Microsoft and Eidos will release these "packages" over the Xbox Live Marketplace, in hopes of bringing some episodic action? Keep in mind though, not everything that gets rated from the ESRB sees the light of day, so who knows!

Now for some juicy announcements! First off we have a set date for Assassins Creed, Ubisoft has announced that their game will be released in November worldwide with 2 copies; regular and special edition. Assassins Creed will be available for Xbox 360, PS3 and PC.

Another huge announcement is Bethesda's recently acquired IP Fallout, will be coming to the 360 and PS3, along side with the original release on the PC. Fallout 3 is set to release in fall 2008.

Tenchu Z already has a set date of June 12th, it was just announced that the game has gone gold and a demo will hit the Xbox Live Marketplace later today! (June 7th).

Well, it's time to wrap things up, but before I do, I would like to point out a few things available over the Marketplace that has come out recently. First we have Mad Tracks, this was last weeks Xbox Live Arcade title and it goes for 800MS Points. This weeks arcade title is Pac Man: Championship Edition. It goes again, for 800 MS Points, but it's also worth noting that this is the first Pac Man game to have new level designs in 27 years. Finally, 2 demos hit the marketplace recently one being Vampire Rain and Shadowrun.

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