Wednesday, June 20, 2007

Tomb Raider: Anniversary (ps2) review

Unlike Perri when I write a review I will try and make it as short as I can, but also giving you my opinion and information to weather it’s even worth renting or worth buying. Today the review is Tomb Raider Anniversary for the PS2: a remake of one of the most popular games that started a well known series.
Read on. To view my review!

Aesthetics. 4/5

I never played a Tomb Raider game before, not even when I had ps1 but I wanted to play this game very badly when I herd it was coming out, so I rented it. The graphics in Tomb Raider for the PS2 are very good. The environments look nice, there’s a lot of detail, which is great because the first level takes place in the ruins of an ancient city. Keeping in mind this game does not look as good as God Of War 2, but I mean HEY! Nether does MGS3. Lara Croft as compared to the environments looks…well ok; she doesn’t have as much detail as her environments that she wonders around in. You can really notice this when you move the camera around so it’s close to her. This leads to another thing; the camera can be a pain in the ass. Sometimes you are not able to see where you are able to jump too when you go from white block to white block. I do like how the game looks, you have to get used to the camera and once your passed that its all smiles from there. I like the controls too, they use the ps2 controller well everything is pretty easy to get used too, its very user friendly.

Sound. 5/5

I really like the sound track, its suitable and its goes great with the game. The roars and barks for the animals are helpful too, for example. Before you were to fight a wolf you would hear a howl and then the thing would run out from behind a corner. This gives you time to aim and get ready to unload 2 mags on him. The raptors are great to shoot!

Game play. 5/5

The game play is fine, it controls like a 3rd person shooter should. There is a new game play mechanic in Tomb Raider; it’s kind of like the matrix. Whenever an enemy charges at you it goes into this slow-mo mini game where when it shows you on the bottom right of the screen you dodge left or right using the “O” button and the left analog stick. Then when you dive out of the way you have the chance to do an instant kill once your aimer is aligned with the head of the animal. HEEEEAD SHOOT!(UR:T announcer voice) This is helpful when you fight the T-Rex, that’s pretty much how you beat your first boss battle. Also there are interactive cut-scenes which are pretty kool, its not as intense as some in Resident Evil 4, but they fit into the game nicely, its doesn’t seem forced.

Immersion. 5/5

I didn’t want to put it down. I really enjoyed this game and I kept it 3 days passed the due date from Rodgers. The puzzles are great, keeps you thinking and frustrated. They basically consist of figuring out how you get from point A to point B by climbing and jumping, etc. Tomb Raider keeps you on edge and your always asking questions ever time you turn a corner. I’ve only completed 25% of the game, but like I said. I didn’t want to stop playing it, so I bought it yesterday morning.


Hmmm. Well any Tomb Raider game, Prince of Persia (1 & 3), I’m sure there’s more I just cant think of any.

Bottom Line.

This game may be on ps2 but its one of the best out right now.

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Perri said...

good review Pascuzzi, keep it up man.

Apparently this game is coming to Wii. Wonder if they'll try? probably not.