Wednesday, June 6, 2007

Final Fantasy for XBOX?? (updated June 8th)

According to Kotaku Final Fantasy will not be making an appearance on Xbox. Right now there are no planes to make any Final Fantasy game for 360, and to be honest with you, I'm surprised. Alot of publishers are not doing ps3 exclusives for obvious reasons but what does Square-Enix have instore for the WII and the PS3???? dun dun dunnnnnnn....
Update: posted on Kotaku today the president of Square-Enix has said "it's unlikely Final Fantasy series will come to the Xbox 360, Square-Enix says it's not an impossibility" SO, there you have it, we could very well see Final Fantasy on Xbox 360 and the current rumour which is very much seeming true that Metal Gear Solid 4 may also be on 360. ohhh sony, what do you have left??
Kotaku Article: "No Final Fantasy for you, Xbox"
Reversal of Fortune: Square-Enix isn't writing off Xbox

This is good news for PlayStation and people like me who are PS fanboys, but i must say, i dont like turn-based rpg's or the final fantasy series.


Perri said...

to be onest, you need to use spell check!

Pizzle said...

that's alright, you can have it. At least Microsoft can keep their exclusive titles...:P