Tuesday, June 5, 2007

RUMOURPhobia: New Nintendo Hardware coming

This has been in circulation for a little while now and I held off posting about it, but the evidence just keeps rolling in. A while back a rumour surfaced saying that at e3 Nintendo was going to announce Mario Kart Wii and some new hardware. At first people were saying "OMGAMEBOY!" but lets get serious. Nintendo would never announce a new Game boy this early in the DS' life cycle, especially considering that the DS is selling better than anything out there right now.

Hit the jump for some more rumoured hardware

Now to get to the ones with some actual evidence behind them. GoNintendo Is reporting that they think a blue and pink version of the Wii remote is on the way, check the image:
A more exciting rumour though, coming from Kotaku land (and the mind of just about any level headed fanboy) would be the one that claims Nintendo will be announcing a Harddrive for their miracle seller. I don't think I'd be stretching it if I said that an HDD is a MUST. Wouldn't be surprised if this came true, in fact I- like many others, am hoping it is.

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