Friday, June 15, 2007

You thought the rivalry ended with the fall of the Dreamcast!

This is a little fucked up, to say the least. An article on which takes quotes from the Vice President of Marketing for SEGA America, Scott Steinberg is actually talkin "smack" about the Wii. He proclaims that it will be out dated in 2-5 years time in graphics and in motion controls. He is also very much favouring the PS3 and 360 saying developers will get more value from them, due to there processing power and better graphics they can provide. Hmmmmm as of right now i dont think its the best idea to start stirring up the shit with Nintendo, maybe once the PS3 is leading in sales, then that may be a good time....when ever that may be.

Maybe Scott is still sour about seeing our lovable/badass blue hedge hog on a nintendo system! GOD! I wish they would make a GOOD sonic game! just bring it back to 2D! :(

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