Tuesday, April 17, 2007

Blastacular Map Pack and more!

Gonna keep it short and sweet today. Available today for about $4 US ($4.50CDN) you can buy Halo 2's new map pack! That's right after a long wait, Bungie finally released 2 new maps. Are they going to be good enough to hold everyone until the beta comes along?

Along with this news there's been news on a XBLA title for this June published by Sierra.

Since these maps are original Xbox purchases you can not buy these maps with Microsoft Points and must be directly charged to your credit card. These maps are re-creations of 2 original Halo maps and are available now.

According to Bungie.net poster Frankie, the new maps should be incorperated in to the playlists shortly

A previously announced Sierra Online game Carcossonne has been dated with a June release. Awhile ago Microsoft showed some XBLA games based on board games. During the convention in Liepzig, Germany, they showed Catan, Carcossonne and Alhambra, none of which are released. Well earlier Microsoft has confirmed that Carcossonne will be avialable sometime in June.

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