Monday, April 16, 2007

Guitar Hero Wii, playing with the big boys!

Sick of the Wii being on a list with the ps2 and the psp, while the 360 and ps3 are often depicted as the only 'next-gen' sysems. Well I am, and I've said on many occasions that I cannot wait for the ps2 to die- then we might start seeing some decent looking original content come to the wii. Well apparently Activision and Red Octane are looking to start that trend.

Guitar Hero III will be coming to all next gen consoles, all features intact. More details after the jump.

Kotaku is reporting that the Wii version of the game will feature everything from online play, to downloadable songs. This is huge for any wii owner, as it means that 'the hatches are open!' and we will finally be seeing 3rd parties bring the console online.

The game will be played with a similar guitar shaped controller, as one would assume. No further details have been released.

Personally, I'm hoping that the guitar will be a shell for the remote, lowering the cost, Mii integration, and I wouldn't mind a HDD either, even 10gb. I mean, with Nintendo giving the okay to developers who want to put downloadable content in their games, I'm assuming they have the foresight to realize our 512 of flash memory is being eaten up.

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Pascuzzi_46 said...

Its true he has said he cant wait for the ps2 to die. i guess he cant take it that a last gen system is getting the same games a a "current" gen system (WII). Oh well, ps2 is still an amazing system.