Sunday, April 15, 2007

Resident Evil: Umbrella Chronicles media impressions

Courtesy of 1up, snake boss battle-having deja vu yet?

I've been excited about this game since the Wii launch, before we knew anything about it. There was much speculation about it being a FPS - I ignored it. Needless to say when they announced it was going to be an on rails shooter I was a bit surprised, and disappointed. However, with every second that passes I can't help but get even more excited about blowing up the craniums of the undead on my Wii. Recently Capcom held their Sprind Gamers Day event, where the press was subject to a ton of Wii media, including a trailer for Treasure Island Z, Resident Evil 4, and Umbrella Cronicles. The big surprise though was the fact that all these games were playable, I've grabed a few screens, and compiled some of their impressions after the jump.

many familiar faces will be dropping in as you progress

Lets get the bad news out of the way. A man who is as controversial as he is immature, Robert Summa, over at Destructoid didn't seem to approve.

Matt Casamassina on the other hand, well, he liked what he saw.

Chris Kohler said he wore a 'perma-grin' the whole time

Looks like a soap opera intro doesn't it?

Gamespot doesn't really voice an opinion as much as they outline scenarios

1up didn't have much to say either

Got to Love those lighting effects.

Each site also has impressions of RE:4 Wii edition, but it plays out the same way, Casamassina and Kohler call it 'the definitive version' while Destructoid flat out hates it.

All in all the game looks fun, some may complain about the sensitivity of the aim, but many have stated that it simply aims where you point and that all the shakes and jumps translated from your hand through the Wii remote just add to the realism and really help immerse you.

I have to say that Capcom's work with the gamecube paid off as the game's visuals are gorgeous. Hands down the best looking Wii game out there, rivaled only by Mario Galaxy. All screen shots above are real time, in fact any screenshot on the net is rendered in real time. Capcom stated that nothing in this game is prerendered, which is quite a feat considering it looks just as good as the REmake on the cube (featured entirely pre-rendered backgrounds). Of course this also means that most of the environments are destructable.

Capcom said the game was 30% complete which is impressive considering the polish seen at Gamers Day. Keep this one on your radar.

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