Thursday, April 5, 2007

Lisen to Nine Inch Nails Year Zero

YES! the album is out! but no not in hard copy, you can lisen to it via the OFFICIAL Nine Inch Nails website. So theres no bullshit or worrying about people fuckin you over, and you cant download any of the songs anyways cause its a flash file. this will atleast tie me over still April 17th when the acutal album comes out!

NOTE: all that is required is an email adress

In other music news:

the Vergin festival this year looks promising with lead acts such as bjork, the killers and the reunited smashing fuckin pumpkins it takes place sometime in septermber, so check it out!

Velvet revolver is comming out with a new CD called libertad is scedualed to be released in June!

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