Tuesday, April 3, 2007

God Of War II review *Spoiler Alert*

Hello, sorry you haven’t herd from me in a while but i was completely emerged in my last gen joy (also some essays and other shit dealing with school :S). It has been said that God Of War 2 is the "last great ps2 game", i guess that means it is the last exclusive title on the ps2, that has such a high popularity. All and all, this is very much true, anyone who is a veteran of the God Of War series knows what to expect, and GOW2 delivered in a huge way! It is all around a better game then the first, and if anyone has a ps2 or ps3 i very much suggest that you purchase this game. Before you over look it because it is a ps2 title, DONT! this game is worth very penny ($59.99CAD). you will not regret your purchase, and there is ALOT of content that comes with it. It is a 2 disc set disc 1 is the game along with the unlockable content such as: challenge of the titans, all the cousumes, the cut scene viewer and a new mode where you pick your enimies and kill them (havent ulocked that yet. Disc 2 is the DVD with loads of extra content, such as interviews, trailers, development video journals. Its very interesting to see how GOW2 has been made, and the people involved. the best part is this is a bonus, I wouldn’t of cared at all if the game did not come with this second disc, but its a nice treat!
ANYWAYS lets get to the over all review of the game itself, it opens with kratos who is now the god of war living the lap of luxury on mount Olympus. Or so it seems. Shunned by his fellows gods he found his “escapism” in taking over cities in Greece. leading his very strong spartan army in concuring all of greece and pissing off other gods in doing so. And this leads to the first level Rhodes which is the greatest intro in game history! While your slaughtering hundreds of soldiers there is a gigantic metal statue in the back trying to kill you. The whole level is very much a boss battle, and the complete scale of the battle is amazing! This is my favorite part in the game, I have played it over and over. Eventually you completely dismantle the giant statue from the inside out, but it comes at a cost. Draining all your godly powers into the Blade of Olympus (Which is a fuckin sick weapon). From there the king of the gods, Zues betrays you, and actually kills you...yes Kratos did died again and this will be twice, maybe 3 times. But eventually you escape the underworld and ride on your Pegasus to the “island of fates”. This is where the game gets going! There is an incredible back story with the great war between the Titans and the Gods of Olympus, and I was constantly wondering well whos side is right? The gods or the titans, is Kratos just a pawn? And as of right know I don’t know where the series will go in regards to Kratos freedom. Is he being used by Giai or is she trying to help him. Is Kratos so blinded by his rage and his selfishness that he cant see what hes doing can completly fuck up the world! these questions constatly occured in my mind during the game, as Kratos with out any care defies the gods, the sisters of fate and changes his own destiny. Hopefully this will be explained in the 3rd game! :D.
I cant go into a lot of detail because this post is already long enough. I don’t want to take away the whole experience from you. All your god powers, all your weapons are upgradeable, I don’t use any other weapons besides my Blades of Athena, the spear of destiny is probably my favorite secondary weapon, but I find the blade of Olympus very powerful. The moves Kratos does with the spear is amazing and how he gets it is not very climactic as getting the barbarian hammer from the barbarian king (whom Kratos killed in the first game, when he had to sacrifice his soul to Aries, etc. pretty much that’s where the whole story began). The new moves are better than in the first, they seem more, fluent and “believable” (ill use that word very sparingly in regards to this game). But what I miss so much! Is the R1 change, and air attack. Which are all still in but it is put on the Square button, with all your other basic attacks. Also there are a bunch of new moves such as the icarus wings (glide), the amulet of time (stop time), and my favorit the golden fleece (which is a pain in the ass to get, fuckin 3 headed crature!) the golden fleece not only blocks projectily attacks but also throws them back and your enimies, EVEN THE GORGAN GAZE! (thank god!)
The story in god of war 2 is better than the first, Kratos is still a true badass, MORESO than in the first game. He has over come so many opsticals and is now planning a war against the gods themselves. He’s already killed 2 gods (no I didn’t make a mistake, PLAY THE GAME!) and nearly killed another. Kratos is unstoppable and I cant wait to wage an all out war against Mount. Olympus!
“Zues your son has returned and he brings the destruction of Olympus!”

PS3 2010 GOD OF WAR 3!.......is it worth the 600+ dollar system?....some will say yes! (im one of them)