Wednesday, April 4, 2007

Microsoft Expands It's Warranty

Hey hey people. Nothing huge today other than Microsoft has announced that they're expanding on their warranty service. Along side with their newly renewed 1 year warranty when you buy a new Xbox 360 console. Microsoft has heard the voices of it's people yet again and cleared up some major issues about the repair process. Let's get started shall we?

1) Microsoft is no longer charging the shipping costs to the end user and instead will be sending postage-paid containers for the broken 360s.

2) Customers will no longer get "replacement" units, they'll be gettin back their original console that they sent in, repaired. Some incidents may have Microsoft sending out replacements if the original can not be repaired

3) Repairs made on a console under warranty, Microsoft will cover the repaired system for the remainder of the warranty period or 90 days, pending which one is longer.

4) Repairs made on an out-of-warranty console will be returned with a 1 year "repair warranty".

5) On top of the new warranty on 360s, Microsoft has announced that they are hiring more customer care reps and supervisors, imroving training and hiring "customer care champions", for better support and quicker repair times.

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