Tuesday, April 10, 2007

DOXOfeature: We gots reviews!

Alright, you may have noticed a few make shift reviews lingering around the site; Pascuzzi's God of War 2 praise and my footnote of a Ghost Rider review.

We've moved on, we've come together and decided that in order to keep some consistency between editors we're going to need an outline or template for our reviews, previews, etc...
Here's what we're thinking, feel free to give us any feedback, good or bad.

Hit the jump for the in depth explanation.

We're going to be breaking games down into a few categories. The main ones being;

Aesthetics - pretty straight forward here, we'll be telling you what we think about the graphics comparable to other games on the same console, other consoles, and also other versions of the same game- if applicable. This will be an in depth review of strictly aesthetics: character models, special effects, cinematography, etc.

Sound - Again, this is pretty straight forward. We'll be judging everything from music to voice acting.

Game play
- This is where is can get subjective. Not everybody will appreciate the same types of game play and that will be addressed here. We will outline the control schemes and whether or not they work, how they could have been improved, etc.

- This is where we will outline the story and how all of the above comes together to offer a totally immersive gaming experience.

All of the above categories will receive a score out of 5 (going up in increments of .5)

1 - inexcusable piece of garbage
2 - disappointing, sub-par
3 - the lower end of average
4 - the higher end of average
5 - Very satisfying, couldn't really be any better.

Recommendations - In order to fully get our points across we will be including this section which will list other games that the reviewed game plays like or reminds us of. Basically, if you like these games, you will like the game we just reviewed.

Bottom line- This is where we will sum up our impressions in one line and give the game an overall score out of 10 It will not be an average (going up in increments of .5).

A graphic will be accompanied by every review, because it's pretty.

Thought on reviews; Too often do websites use a scale from 7-10. What I mean by this is that the big websites will try to avoid biting the hand that feeds them (NIN!). If I were receiving free stuff and tons of money in advertising from certain companies I don't think I would want to piss them off. Unfortunately this creates bias in reviews and ultimately the gamers suffer.

Here at DOXOphobia we want to avoid game review inflation and to do that I will be outlining the point system, and every review will then link back to this post inorder for comparison.

1 - inexcusable piece of garbage. NEVER PLAY IT!
2 - hardley playable, frustrating, laughable.
3 - playable, but the amount of problems will make any good part of this game forgetable
4 - just under average, unless your a fan of this series you can pass on this game
5 - the lower end of average
6 - the higher end of average
7 - A good game worth playing through to the end
8 - A stand out game that delivers consistantly on all fronts
9 - An incredible game that fans of the genre should NOT MISS
10 - PERFECTION! (never going to happen)

We've got a lot of reviews coming in a few weeks so stay tuned!