Tuesday, April 3, 2007

Don't Fret, Your 360 News is Here!

Hey hey everybody! I'm Pizzle, I'm new around here and I'm supposedly goin' to post some news regarding Microsoft's glorious new console the Xbox 360. I'm your 360 fanboy, so be expecting a lot of news regarding it cause we all know the P(l)aystation 3 (the 'l' is optional) has nothing goin' on :P. Now, on to my first piece of news...

Guitar Hero II hit stores today for the Xbox 360, offering an exciting new look for the guitar, a change from the Gibson SG to the Gibson Xplorer. The graphics are amped up on the 360 version and offerings of 1080i HDTV glory. There's also some subtle changes to the game, the set list is changed up in the 360 copy to help ease the progression of the game along with a total of 10 new songs not seen on the previous Playstation 2 version. Some new songs include Rancid's Salvation, Pearl Jam's Life Wasted and Billion Dollar Babies by Alice Cooper. Along with these exclusive tracks Guitar hero 2 will also support the 360's Marketplace and will have some Download Content (DLC) on the way as early as next week! Other then that if achievement points are your heroin you'll be happy to know there's 50 achievements with a total of 1000 Gamerpoints! Happy trails.

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